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Our Vision

2020-02-11 01:22:10
New Delhi
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Our vision

Concept mind institute was created with the vision to be the premier coaching institute for IIT JEE Main, JEE Advanced, and foundation preparations. It helps all the young aspirants to make their dreams come true and get high-quality teaching through technology enable systems and commitment. We broaden the area of learning for all those young aspirants who are knowledge thirsty to become the best brains of the country and achieve their dreams. .

Our values

We focus on service to students as the core value of the Academic Success Centres.

We exhibit an ethic of care in working with all students, staff, and faculty.

We honor the diversity of student identities, experiences, purposes, and learning styles.

We operate with a spirit of generosity in the exchange of expertise, knowledge, and resources.

We value hopefulness and possibility.

We expect life balance and professional excellence.

We conduct our work through deep listening, creative problem solving, and collaboration.